Black Sheep 4X4s
Minimum Equipment List for Trail Rides


Cool Gloves
Cool Spare Tire, Plug kit, Jack and Lug Wrench or Inner tube.
Cool Tow Strap (no hooks or metal ends)
Cool Recovery Points Front and Rear
Cool Fire Extinguisher
Cool First Aid Kit
Cool CB Radio
Cool Ice Chest/Cooler for Drinks & Food
Cool Trash Bags


Cool Hi-Lift Jack
Cool Skid Plates/Winch
Cool Basic Tool Kit
Cool Tire Stop Leak
Cool Tire Pressure Gauge
Cool Flash Light
Cool Tube or can of RTV
Cool Cable Ties
Cool Duct Tape

Cool Toilet Paper & Moist Wipes
Cool Foul Weather Gear
Cool Tarp & Bungee Cords
Cool Camera
Cool Bug Repellant & Sun Screen
Cool Extra Vehicle Fluids: Oil, Trans, gear ect.
Cool Radiator Stop Leak

Cool Extra cloths, socks ect.